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“We love the beauty of our planet and we want to see her bloom”

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a quote close to my heart which I have always kept in mind while working on my designs. My love and passion for fashion and design is tremendous. However, I am only able to express this drive when it is done in a sustainable manner. Fashion designer is a wonderful profession. Nevertheless, the development of the fast-fashion industry should not be at the expense of anything, whether this is the earth, humanity or wild-life. For that reason, Designlab Lk takes into account sustainability with designing its styles as well as its prints.

Ever since the start of my career I have been confronted with the sugarcoat that society often covers the realities of the world with. During my first job as a designer, I was given the opportunity to visit clothing factories in China and I was really excited to go. Once there, this excitement disappeared as a puff of smoke, and grief took the upper hand. Child labour, lack of hygiene, environmental pollution, 18-hour working days, 7 days a week and merely 2 weeks off per year. I refused to have my clothes produced in factories with such bad labour conditions. Luckily, I was given the right example by other employers, which proved the unnecessity of humanity and the environment having to pay the price for the production of our products.

Furthermore, I have become increasingly aware of the fashion industry’s ecological footprint, as it is one of the most polluting industries in the world. I decided I did not want to be responsible for this pollution, and therefore wondered how I should continue my career many times. Quitting my career was certainly not an option, as my passion for designing was too big. 

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Luckily, I came across Roosmarie of Clean & Unique. She provided me with insights on how to continue to develop myself in circular design, in order to continue my fashion career but still contribute to a more sustainable and ethnically responsible fashion industry. This idea is executed by cooperating with enterprises which share my environmental values, as well as companies that would like to transfer to a more sustainable business operation. My insight will be able to serve these companies and advise them on sustainability.


Our key values


  • No forced labour
  • Reasonable working hours
  • Living wage
  • No child labour
  • No discrimination
  • Health and safety at work
  • Transparency of labour conditions


Mother Earth

  • A printing process with closed water systems, to avoid mixing polluted water with clean water
  • No water spillage by recycling water
  • The use of “smart prints”, which leads to less waste of fabric
  • Recycling: the use of fabrics that are reusable
  • Better quality of material so clothing will be more sustainable
  • The use of natural, organic fabrics (GOTS certified)



  • Taking into account animal rights
  • No animal testing
  • No use of substances where the manufacturing causes suffering to the animal(s)



How do i contribute as a designer?

Fashion Design

  • With every design, I start with analysis of the life cycle. I continue to look at the production phase, from the type of material to the production of it, and to the way in which the garment is used by the wearer, the operational phase. How many times is a garment washed and ironed? How long is the garment going to last and where does the garment end up in the end of its life cycle? What is its ecological footprint?
  • I always take sustainable fabrics into account when I advise about my designs. This way, the garment will last longer.
  • We try to use the same fabrics for various designs.
  • My designs are trendy, but timeless. This means they will last more than just one season.
  • I pay a lot of attention to details of the garment, from stitching to trims. This produces a high quality, sustainable and unique garment.
  • I advise about sustainable fabrics and will be able to connect companies with sustainable fabric suppliers, factories, and other sustainability experts for the production of your collections. The same applies for detailing.


Print Design

  • In my print designs, I always take into account that a pattern works in different directions. This way, the use of the fabric stays at a minimum. Less use of fabric = less waste, after all.
  • I advise about the best printing techniques to minimize environmental damage
  • I try to minimize the number of colours I use in printing techniques that use screens
  • And still you will be provided with a unique print



On the road to a better world

Designlab Lk has been a partner of Clean & Unique since 2019. We are working with sustainable improvements within our design- and production process step-by-step. Together, we are on the road to a better industry and a better world.

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